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Borrull tapes

   The grafting method has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years. It was used throughout the Renaissance and is still in use today.

Horticultural research is constantly trying to make crops more resistant to diseases that originate in the soil.

Grafting makes it possible to replace sensitive plantations by others with resistant stock, perpetuate clones, accelerate reproductive maturity and improve production, in addition to modifying the variety of a plantation in full production by quickly adapting it to market demand. Whilst it is true that the grafting result depends on the botanical affinity between the species, technique plays an important role in the success rate.

Temperature directly influences the formation of callus tissue, and humidity too, since the callus tissue cells are very sensitive to dehydration. The special characteristics of Borrull tapes maintain temperature and humidity conditions ideal for grafting, and ensure that the cells brought into contact with each other take well.