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The grafting
   Grafting Horticultural research into grafting strives constantly to create techniques to improve horticultural production by making plants stronger, improve the growth of certain plants, modify the appearance of others or improve the production of entire plantations, with a view to increasing profitability.

Grafting enables us to obtain more highly disease resistant plants and improve the growth of certain species whilst promoting the supply of nutrients to plants with certain deficiencies.

Drafting even has ornamental applications since it can be used to add shoots with different types of flowers. One of the main purposes of grafting is however to improve production by obtaining higher quality fruit, enabling the profit margins of commercial plantations to be increased.

Whatever grafting method is used - split stock, wedge, etc - the use of Borrull tapes to hold the stock and scion in place maintains a relative humidity level of approximately 85 - 90% and a temperature of about 25º: ideal taking conditions.

How different plants must
be cut for wedge grafting

Held in place with Borrull tie