Grafting techniques using Borrull tapes
   The first step in grafting is to choose the correct stock compatible with the chosen species. The two plants are then cleaned to avoid any contamination and reduce the possibility of failure. The stock is cut away to reveal the growth centre.

The two parts of the graft are brought firmly into contact ensuring that no impurities are present that could hinder them from taking well.

Finally the graft is held in place with Borrull tapes. The tapes are removed 10 - 15 days later. See illustrations.


Choose and prepare the scion
Strip part of the scion down.
Remove bark from stock.
Insert the scion in the stock.
Prepare the Borrull tape.
Protect the scion with Borrull tape.
Tie the graft in position.
Remove the Borrull tape
after 10 - 15 days.